Roborn uses motion control system as its core technology, together with 5G, AI, IoT, Cloud to drive and develop comprehensive robotic products and tech-development solutions. Roborn advocates Techanization, integrating modern technology into ecologies, realizing human-machine cooperation and virtual interaction to improve the ecologies’ productivity and efficiency and make human being better.


Integrate technology into an ecology and enable it to be more productive, efficient and sustainable for better human being as a prosperous cycle.

Roborn’s “Techanization”

The concept of “Techanization” is that we integrate technology into an “ecosystem” to make it grow better and prosper. The more important thing about Techanization is that the application of technology can bring benefits and make human being better, not just invent a technology and then apply it in one area.

The Roborn team shared “Techanizaiton” at Executive Development Program by The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK-APIB)

The Roborn team shared “Techanization”  at  「Mini-MBA」 course co-organized by the Asia-Pacific Business Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a listed group company

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Yesterday, the Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr Alfred Sit and the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Christopher Hui visited Cyberport and looked around the startups located in the park. Roborn, which specializes in robotics technology, introduced the 5G Epidemic Prevention Smart Robot PEP3000 which combined AI technology and cruising system, as well as other R&D projects to them. Mr Alfred Sit hoped that in the future we will work together to promote the development of innovative science and technology and provide more opportunities for young people to join the innovation and technology community.

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Etnet: Let Robots Save the World!

Roborn’s co-founder Mark Mak Hin Yu was interviewed by Etnet earlier on. He explained the mission and process behind the development of the 5G epidemic prevention smart robot. He also shared his thoughts on developing in the Greater Bay Area.

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